How To Choose An Electric Razor


As a man, you know very well that the quality of your shaver is certainly going to directly impact how well you’re going to be able to shave. The thing is that most of the times men will go with the cheaper models, thinking that they can still get a nice and clean shave even if they need to go on the same area multiple times. However, that’s when your skin will get irritated and get inflamed, making you feel very uncomfortable and regret the fact that you didn’t invest in a higher quality shaver.

Battery life

If you read the majority of beard trimmer reviews posted online, then you know very well that battery life is one of the most important aspects of buying an electric razor. You certainly want to get one that will get you through at least 10 shaves before you have to recharge it and also get a shaver that can be charged for 3 to 5 minutes and therefore allow you to get a shave when you’re in a hurry. In general, battery life ranges between 30 and sixty minutes and this should be enough for most people to get between ten and twenty shaves.


Your best beard trimmer needs to have a solid handle that allows you to grip it easily and never slip from your hands, even when you’re using it under the shower. Therefore, make sure the handle is made from rubber and that it also has striations so it prevents you from accidentally dropping it.

Cleaning base

There are a lot of men out there who don’t really want to clean their shaver after using it and that is why they prefer getting one that features a cleaning base which is going to clean it automatically after it’s placed into the base. While these types are a bit more expensive, you should know that they are definitely worth it if you thoroughly hate cleaning your shaver after each and every use.


Rotating head

Last but not least, shavers that have a rotating head are going to easily follow the contour of your face and therefore give you a high quality shave with minimum irritation. Make sure that you read as many reviews as possible and that you also ask your friends and see if they used the shaver you want to get or one that has a similar technology. This way you’ll if the one you plan on getting is a good one or not.